Antwerp port closes a dock and a lock due to oil spill

By Thomson Reuters Jun 7, 2024 | 5:50 AM

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Authorities at the port of Antwerp have closed a dock and are using drones to monitor the fallout from an oil spill that occurred while a ship was bunkering at one of its docks, a port spokesperson said on Friday.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure the oil stays locally,” the spokesperson said.

Belgium’s biggest port closed its Deurganck Dock as well as the Kieldrecht lock, the largest lock in the world when considering water volume, to prevent the spill’s spread.

The port spokesperson said 20 ships needed to be cleaned from the oil before they could leave the dock, as well as the dock’s walls and water. She could not say how much oil spilt into the water during the incident or specify the type of ship that lost it.

(Reporting by Charlotte Van Campenhout and Tassilo Hummel; Editing by Jan Harvey and Benoit Van Overstraeten)