Swedish security service says Iran uses criminal networks in Sweden

By Thomson Reuters May 30, 2024 | 9:18 AM

Stockholm (Reuters) -Swedish security service SAPO said on Thursday that it had seen the Iranian regime using criminal networks within Sweden to carry out violent acts against other states, groups, and individuals.

Primarily, these activities have targeted dissident groups and individuals from the Iranian diaspora but have also extended to representatives of other nations such as Israel, SAPO said in a statement.

“Such activities could be carried out with a view to harming Israeli and Jewish interests, targets, and activities in Sweden,” it added.

Following a suspected shooting incident near Israel’s embassy in Stockholm in May, and the discovery of an explosive device outside the same embassy in January, Swedish police have increased security around Israeli and Jewish interests within the country.

(Reporting by Anna Ringstrom and Johan Ahlander, editing by Stine Jacobsen)