Israeli strikes kill at least 5 in Lebanon, including civilians

By Thomson Reuters May 17, 2024 | 12:05 PM

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israeli strikes on southern and eastern Lebanon killed at least five people on Friday including Lebanese militants, Palestinian fighters and Syrian civilians, security sources told Reuters.

Israel and Lebanese armed group Hezbollah have been exchanging fire across Lebanon’s southern border for seven months in parallel with the Gaza war. Other Lebanese factions as well as Palestinian groups have also fired rockets at Israel from Lebanon.

On Friday, a series of Israeli strikes on a coastal town further north than the usual conflict area killed a Hezbollah member as well as two Syrian civilians, the security sources said.

A separate Israeli strike on Majdal Anjar, on Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria, killed Sharhabil al-Sayed, a member of Palestinian armed group Hamas who was in charge of the faction’s operations in Lebanon’s eastern Bekaa Valley, according to two security sources. The strike also killed another Palestinian Hamas member, the sources said.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military.

The exchanges of fire between armed groups in Lebanon and the Israeli military have ramped up in recent days. Hezbollah has deployed new types of rockets against Israel and launched a drone attack the furthest into Israeli territory since October.

(Reporting by Laila Bassam; editing by Jonathan Oatis)