Anthony Edwards gets KD’s endorsement as Wolves star rises to new level

By Thomson Reuters Apr 29, 2024 | 1:36 PM

When the Minnesota Timberwolves begin the second round of the playoffs this week, they’ll have one more active observer tuning in to see what Anthony Edwards does next.

“So impressed with Ant. My favorite player to watch,” Suns All-Star Kevin Durant said Sunday night.

“Just grown so much since he came into the league. His love for the game shines so bright. That’s one of the reasons I like him the most. He just loves basketball. He’s grateful to be in this position. He’s taken advantage of every opportunity that he’s gotten. Love everything about Ant … everything. I’ll be watching going forward. I was really impressed with him. It’s going to be somebody I’m following the rest of his career.”

Durant and Edwards are part of Team USA this summer, but the 22-year-old has more work to do before getting to Paris for the Summer Olympics.