Ukraine’s Zelenskiy reports his income increased in 2022

By Thomson Reuters Mar 29, 2024 | 6:12 PM

(Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday declared his income for 2022 rose to 12.42 million hryvnias ($306,000) from 3.7 million hryvnias the previous year, with the increase attributable to improved rent collection and sale of some government bonds.

A statement on the president’s website said most of the income of the president and his family came from his salary, bank interest and rent payable from his properties.

It said Zelenskiy and his family had derived income of 7.45 million Ukrainian hryvnias from the sale of government bonds.

It said most of the income came from his salary, bank interest and rent payable from his properties. And it reported no major changes in the president’s assets or the vehicles he possessed.

In previous declarations, Zelensky reported a family income of 3.7 million hryvnias and in 2021, before the outbreak of the war in 2022, an income of 10.8 million hryvnias. The steep decline in 2022 was attributed to less rental income.

Zelenskiy has called for public officials to disclose their incomes as part of efforts to increase transparency and eliminate corruption as Ukraine tries to meet the stringent requirements for its bid to join the European Union.

Western allies providing weaponry and financial assistance as well as international bodies like the International Monetary Fund have also sought assurances on efforts to eliminate corruption.

(Reporting by Ron Popeski and Oleksandr Kozhukhar; Editing by David Gregorio)