Russian ambassador ignores summons to Polish ministry, says spokesperson

By Thomson Reuters Mar 25, 2024 | 9:33 AM

WARSAW (Reuters) – The Russian ambassador did not attend the foreign ministry in Warsaw despite being summoned to do so, a Polish spokesperson said on Monday, after Russian missile flew into Poland’s airspace.

Russia violated Poland’s airspace early on Sunday with a cruise missile launched at targets in western Ukraine, Poland’s armed forces said.

“The ambassador of the Russian Federation… did not attend the foreign ministry today to explain the incident concerning the Russian cruise missile that violated Polish airspace on March 24,” foreign ministry spokesperson Pawel Wronski told reporters.

Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev, told state-run RIA Novosti that he did not visit the foreign ministry, where he had been invited to discuss the “missile incident”, since the Polish side did not provide evidence of any airspace violation.

He said he was still waiting for evidence of Warsaw’s accusation that a Russian cruise missile flew into Polish airspace on Dec. 29 last year.

Poland’s army said its military radar systems recorded the missile entering the country’s airspace for 39 seconds on Sunday, encroaching 2 km into Polish territory before returning to Ukraine.

(Reporting by Alan Charlish and Pawel Florkiewicz; Editing by Ros Russell)