Vessel reports shots fired near Yemen’s Nishtun, Ambrey says

By Thomson Reuters Mar 21, 2024 | 4:52 AM

(Reuters) – A merchant vessel reported shots from a skiff approximately 109 nautical miles south of Yemen’s Nishtun, British security firm Ambrey said on Thursday.

Four armed people aboard a skiff approached the vessel and reportedly shot at the merchant vessel, and a private armed security team aboard returned fire, Ambrey added.

The vessel reportedly increased speed and was no longer under threat by the skiff, with no damage or injuries reported, Ambrey said.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations agency reported the same incident on Thursday.

Yemen’s Houthis have threatened to expand their operations against shipping to the Indian Ocean region.

The Iran-aligned group has been attacking ships in the Red Sea region since November in what they say is a campaign of solidarity with Palestinians during Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza.

Somali pirates also operate in the Indian Ocean region, taking advantage of the distraction provided by Houthi strikes to the north, with more than 20 attempted hijackings since November, according to five industry representatives,

(Reporting by Ahmed Elimam and Nayera Abdallah; editing by Christina Fincher)