Nvidia launches cloud-based research platform for 6G research and testing

By Thomson Reuters Mar 18, 2024 | 5:05 PM

(Reuters) – Nvidia on Monday unveiled an AI-powered software platform that allows research into 6G technology through simulating communications environments in the cloud.

The new technology for communications known as 6G – the successor to 5G – is expected to launch commercially around 2030.

Software and AI are increasingly deployed across the telecom sector, including in RAN (radio access network) hardware like base stations and antennas.

Nvidia’s platform will include an app that simulates environments such as single cell towers or entire cities, allowing researchers and organisations to test 6G networks in real time.

Among the first adopters of the platform are Ansys, Nokia, Samsung, SoftBank Corp, and Northeastern University in Boston, Nvidia said.

“The massive increase in connected devices and host of new applications in 6G will require a vast leap in wireless spectral efficiency in radio communications,” said Ronnie Vasishta, senior vice president of telecom at Nvidia, in a statement.

Technology shares rose on Monday as investors geared up for Nvidia’s global artificial intelligence conference for developers in San Jose, California.

But European shares edged lower, led by a slump in the telecom sector. Gear maker Ericsson closed down 5.4% and peer Nokia fell 4%.

An analyst said that telecom gear suppliers are no longer the sole drivers in the mobile infrastructure market, and that they must partner with chip companies and cloud vendors.

(Reporting by Olivier Sorgho in Gdansk; Editing by Matthew Lewis)