Belgian couple makes indoor pet of rescued wild boar

By Thomson Reuters Feb 12, 2024 | 12:12 PM

LANEUVILLE, Belgium (Reuters) – A Belgian couple have adopted a wild boar and taken to him so much that he is living inside their home.

Gregory Guiot discovered the boar they call Oscar as a small piglet during a hunting trip with his dogs and decided to take him in to care for temporarily.

More than a year on, 80-kilogram (176 pound) Oscar is still there, with his own sofa, pillows and blanket.

“We hadn’t planned to keep him here, but to save him and then release him, but we became attached to him,” said Guiot’s wife Tiffany Pierre.

Oscar was taken to a training farm but refused to eat and within a week the Guiots were called to retrieve him.

Oscar now has a voracious appetite, even devouring a fishing rod, but he does alert his owners when he needs to relieve himself so he can be let outside.

(Reporting by Yves Herman, writing by Philip Blenkinsop, editing by Ed Osmond)