Stand-up puppet comic Randy Feltface aims for world domination

By Thomson Reuters Aug 16, 2022 | 4:02 PM

By Alicia Powell

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A purple comedian from Australia is hoping to take over the world one joke at a time.

“… I just really like making art, I like making shows, I like traveling, and I would like to do this for as long as it continues to be fun,” said puppet Randy Feltface.

“ … and just eventual world domination,” he quipped in a recent virtual interview.

Feltface started doing comedy 17 years ago at an open-night mic, and hasn’t stopped since.

The purple puppet is voiced by Heath McIvor, who remains unseen during live shows.

Feltface characterized his comedic style as philosophical and silly with a narrative thread.

He described his most recent special, “Smug Druggles,” produced by Helium Comedy Studios and available on YouTube, as loose, silly and celebratory.

The funnyman said if it all ends tomorrow, he’d be satisfied.

“There’s only one of me left … it’s the end of my bloodline. So I’m actually fine. I’ve really pretty much come to terms with the concept of my imminent demise. So anytime that wraps up, I’ll be all right.”

Feltface is currently performing as part of the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and will tour North America and England later this year before embarking on a European tour in 2023.

(Reporting by Alicia Powell; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)