U.S. court upholds FCC reallocation of auto safety spectrum

By Thomson Reuters Aug 12, 2022 | 10:09 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Friday rejected a legal challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) 2020 decision to shift much of a key spectrum block set aside for auto safety to accommodate the burgeoning number of wireless devices.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials last year brought a legal challenge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia seeking to reverse the FCC’s reallocation of 60% of the 5.9 GHz band spectrum block. The spectrum block was reserved in 1999 for automakers to develop technology to allow vehicles to talk to each other to avoid crashes but has so far gone largely unused.

(Reporting by David Shepardson and Nate Raymond; Editing by Mark Porter)